Welcome to Little Creek Ranch


Welcome to our home, LITTLE CREEK RANCH.  My wife, Pam and I are the fifth generation to work this beautiful land.  My grandfather started our Charolais cattle herd in 1968 after selling his dairy herd.  My dad took over the farm and herd after my grandfather’s sudden death in 1976 and today, Pam and I are privileged to carry on this time honored tradition of cattle ranching.

We, like you, are concerned about our heritage, our natural resources and “what, where and how” our food is raised.  Little Creek Ranch raises the beef we sell from birth to harvest from a herd pedigree going back over four decades…we know where our cattle came from and that they are free of any added hormones.


Our Charolais cattle are raised as they were designed to be…grass-fed from the time they are weaned to the day they are harvested. We let the cattle do most of the work by allowing them to roam and graze on our natural nutrient-rich pastures, eat (mow) the grass, fertilize and reseed with their waste and aerate the soil with their sharp hooves all  helping to revitalize and perpetuate our, herbicide, pesticide and chemical fertilizer free pastures. 


We interact with our herd and treat them humanely so that they are as stress free as possible. The less stress placed on cattle makes for a sweeter, tender and leaner beef product.


Little Creek Ranch Beef is all-natural, extra lean with a delicious natural flavor. It is dry-aged and minimally processed to preserve tenderness and natural flavor.  Not only is our grass-fed beef heart-healthy, it is high in Omega 3 and CLA fatty acids which have been shown to aid the human immune system in fighting diabetes, arteriosclerosis and cancer. 


Ronnie and Pam Teague